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What is VID?

VID is a social media platform. The social media (SM) platforms are one of the major parts of our life nowadays! Most of the time we spend time watching video clips or chatting with friends on Social Media. Right now, Social Media is being used as a major advertisement platform as well.

But in every social media platforms, they show you many ads or unnecessary video without your permission, Big Social Media like Facebook, Whatsapp can’t ensure your data privacy. So, you are not safe there at all.

The VID is here to turn everything on your side.  Here ads can’t bother you if you don’t want to watch them, your data is very safe, even VID hasn’t control on your data! Only user can access their data in the VID platform!  And you can empower yourself by monetizing your memories and contents!

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Social Media Platform Versus Advertisements



Any direction consumers go, advertisers will soon follow, and the community of social media is no exception. If you examine closing on any other businesses, you will know that the Ads space has also been disrupted by SM. Advertisers had a challenge where they faced difficulties not only to find a targeted audience, but they could even get in touch with a broader market than ever before.

The SM platform is fast growing and advertisers are really taking advantage of its influence on the market. The reasons are that statistics have shown that, as of last year, there are 3.196 billion social media users on the planet.

In North America, 80% of users are always online in social media every day.

It is also discovered that People, on average, consume more of their time on SM than on TV.

Also, 60% of people use Facebook daily on average, while only 40% watch TV.

Forecast on the revenue generated from SM platform Ads is at $52.6 billion USD for last year, which is $18.31 per user. The annual growth rate of the ad revenue is set to be at 10.6 %.


The Concept Of VID And ITs Significance

It is an Ad video journal app with a privacy-focused characteristic that empowers a user to recall his/her life and convert memories to money. In the globe today, advertising has been completely taken over by the SM.

The philosophy behind adverting has its basis on just a simple question. What is the most critical component of an SM community? There is no doubt that it’s You, the user. All thriving SM platform is required to have a nearly uncountable number of users who are actively engrossed with it.

However, most of the traditional SM simply interested in harvesting their user base for generating income. In a situation where a user uploads some content on YouTube and it happens to go much viral, the platform will take a more reasonable share from the revenue generated and give you whatever is leftover. Nevertheless, VID has arrived to turn the tables around and enable users to obtain revenue from the content they create on the SM.

The Benefits Of Using VID Technology: 


The tech automatically generates memories by retrieving meta-data from all the most popular apps on users smartphone. After this process of generating memories, it will automatically tag the generated data, create a nice little video package, and then properly arrange them in a calendar to give the user a personal video journal.

If the user chooses to make the VID public, and it includes the automatic generated data or memory for a particular brand, then the brand will have the chance to include a link to that memory, as far as the user has chosen to monetize the memory.

Furthermore, there will be no charges on the brands by VID for these automatically generated memories.

Also, all the revenue generated from these brands belongs to the users. They will pocket all revenue nothing like sharing ratio. VID has nothing to do with this generated revenue, which is the more reason it should be used. It is completely different from the traditional SM in this regard.


The aim of this revenue generation model is to greatly enable content creators to be completely in charge of revenue generation in the SM community. The user should get his/her reward for their work. In future VID will come up with a model that will engage the community in the fair distribution of wealth globally.


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