VELIC – A Crypto Financial Ecosystem Partnered by ICON Platform

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What is VELIC?

VELIC is one of the best Korea’s blockchain projects and one of the biggest blockchain networks in the world. VELIC is a complete financial services platform based on safety. It presents advanced crypto-financial services and products. VELIC give investment banking services and commercial banking services in the banking industry.

VELIC users are welcome in a particular platform, including assets, Management, digital currency, loan, and custody. When a cryptocurrency start corporation, it wishes to increase currency through an ICO. It generally creates a plan in a document that indicates what the project is, what the project needs will meet at the end, how much money is the amount of the virtual tokens.

The Services of VELIC: 

The initiative VELIC supporters buy some of the crypto coins distributed with virtual currency. VELIC has the excessive benefit of being one of the initial financial services ranging from benefit managing to loans. VELIC currencies tokens are similar to the shares of a company sold to investors in an original public offering deal. If the money does not reach the lowest funds required by the firm, the money is returned to the sponsors and the OIC is measured as ineffective.

VELIC will work as a bank in the ICON and cryptographic ecosystem. The first investors in the process are generally motivated to purchase the crypto coins. The plan will become a success after its launch, which could translate into a higher crypto coin value. Than it did before the project was implemented.

Each VELIC letter stands for one of its major services

Vault: It confidentially protected personal keys in a decentralized state.
Exchange: It offers excellent digital asset trading experience by hosting a safe and transparent trade service. VELIC will run an OTC operations desk to control big operations. The IEO platform offers innovative digital assets for VELIC users.
Loan: That makes a domestic credit rating method to permit the gratitude of cryptographic assets.
Investment: supply cryptographic benefit administration services for cryptographic assets in VELIC.
Cryptographic assets: The most significant thing is that VELIC will spotlight primarily on the financial infrastructure growth for financial cryptography.


VELIC Team & Sponsor: 

VELIC formed with its specialized organization with financial experts in April 2018. The team made of experts and professionals in business systems financial consultants, development, financial consultants and derivatives. VELIC required a professional backgrounds team to make sure that they could execute the complete financial services. An Initial Initiation of Currencies is used by startups to keep away from the rigorous and regulated capital enlarges procedure required by venture banks. VELIC is like a dApp of ICON coin, ICO is the one of the leading crypto coin and its rank in the coinmarketcap is 40! VELIC is partnered with ICO and it’s Deblock investment also a featured partner of VELIC ecosystem!

VELIC Platform and IAO: 

Velic will have the VELT Token and investors can buy VELT token from the Velic own exchange! This is a new era in the crypto atmosphere because Velic will come with Initial Auction Offering and people will buy VELT token. This is not the traditional ICO or STO, this is a total concept in the blockchain technology made by VELIC!

VELIC IAO will start from March in their own exchange where anyone can participate to buy VELT token except restricted country residents. Therefore, In Velic exchange there will be a token converting system from VELT to VELA!


VELIC Official Links: 

To know more about this project, you may have a look at their website, whitepaper and their official community channels. For your help, I am presenting all the official links here,

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