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What is VEIL Project?



The veil is combining the excellent type of anonymity technologies, to develop into the initial cryptocurrency. It always offers no compromise about privacy. The Veil Project started with their blockchain in January 2019. Their cutting-edge privacy coin familiar as Veil, that user can now mine this coin.

Recently the Veil Project official launch takes place. This project is an open source and privacy permitted cryptocurrency. User can use it for daily transactions. It declares as the initial cryptocurrency to unite Bulletproofs, RingCT, and Zero -coin protocol technology for anonymity. Vinex is the most active exchange to purchase VEIL coin. It is a cryptocurrency where the VEIL price is about $0.318101 with a 24-hour trading opportunity. It has 14 Million coins circulating supply.

The Goal of the Veil Project


VEIL is privacy that looks for to progress cryptographic technology. Our mission is to make a very effective and efficient cryptocurrency. That contains the maximum available degree of anonymity without sacrificing convenience or security. VEIL is an open foundation x16rt hybrid cryptocurrency with a global original combination of Confidential Transactions, Stealth Addressing, Zerocoin and RingCT protocol to give outstanding transaction efficiency and privacy. A qualified team makes VEIL project with a real idea to build up the higher privacy-focused cryptocurrency in the market.

Importance of VEIL

If you are looking for somewhat latest and attractive to shift your GPU mining rigs you can mine VEIL coins. The veil is the original Zero coin-based cryptocurrency with great privacy. The combination of RingCT and Zerocoin technologies give permanent privacy without compromise. Veil’s blockchain is protected through Stake and Work verification. Veil Labs are for continuous improvement and research, Veil operations financial plan, financial support operations activities. The activities can be such as core network and wallet growth, bounties, online user support, project management, business, and marketing. User can verify the official Veil plan website for complete information about the project.

Veil Uses X16RT Algorithm


Raven coin launch X16R algorithm, which is the proof of work algorithm. Nvidia supported mining rigs with Miners can download and use the newest supminer 2.0 version. Supminer 2.0 version supports X16RT algorithm. The AMD miners can choose the most modern WildRig Multi mtp x16rt. You can search at VEIL official website if you are seeking a mining pool as the primary pool.

Benefits of VEIL

  • Original Veil coins will generate using both staking and mining agreement techniques for a minimum of one year.
    There are no pre-mined coins, so no one can get a separate benefit more than any other user.
  • There is a proof of stake opportunity for those users who are not prepared to mine.
  • Users can make Veil rewards by unknown staking, on Veil coins amount. Through this way, it is comparable to collect interest on a usual savings account.
  • X16RT is familiar as the mining algorithm avoids hyper-productive ASIC miners to control the Veil Coins generation.
  • Everybody has a chance to mine VEIL using GPU mining rigs, which is more reasonable.
  • The veil is made by the greatest technologies with a committed blockchain team and privacy experts. The future development of funding will approach from a segment of the block incentive by using a fixed financial configuration.



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