UBEX – The Artificial Intelligence in Advertising! ICO is Live

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ubex the artificial intelligence ico is live

Ubex The Artificial Intelligence in advertising


UBEX – The AI in Advertising: 

The digital advertising market has grown energetically in the recent years. Ubex is a decentralized advertising exchange it refers to a standard annual growth rate for non-programmatic sections. Ubex offers to resolve advertiser’s problems with the combination of all benefits of neural networks, programmatic technologies, and smart contracts in a single system. By this system, Ubex offers a conversion from the usual pay-per-click system as a payment for a transaction. This is the fairest and most attractive representation for all market members. The Ubex aim is to build up a decentralized exchange of programmatic advertising system that derived from neural networks and smart communication. Ubex’s intend to build a global advertising ecosystem with an advanced joint trust and efficiency.


Services of Ubex

Ubex The future of advertising


  • The process of gaining advertising sites and selecting the efficient sites for placement is easy, and transaction risks can be reduced. The advertiser repeatedly buys ads after payment. It based on sure necessity set for the objective viewers. You can buy averments without brokers by the assist of Ubex and its decentralized blockchain solution.
  •  Ubex system permits you for using collected data and neural networks. With this, this advantage you can choose the related advertising content at any time in time to a special user.
  •  Before the arrival of software algorithms, users would not get any solution for the problem of incompetence, fraud, and mistrust. Now Ubex implemented a number of techniques for buying online advertising using automated systems, which create result about direct buying target audiences based on blockchain deal and intellectual contracts.
  •  It removes all unnatural links between advertisers and publishers with the help of smart contracts for all kinds of tracking. As a result, the economic effects of cooperation are increasing.
  • Ubex is based on the automation software concept is popular for clear targeting generalization of obtaining potential customers, strategies, and optimization of advertising budgets. The key part of the Ubex platform is the advanced design of artificial intelligence. That allows the whole system to organize work in search of better situation solutions. This is the term of both advertisers and publishers.
  • The opening of AI among neural networks analyzes the complete database rooted in blockchain technologies. The possible of software algorithms is huge. However, it cannot be applied without neural networks and blockchain technologies.
  • The implemented system of ranking publishers and advertisers is stored in the blockchain along with the details records of their activities, to avoid swindle. This system helps to permit a method of dealing with the mainly dependable partners.


The UBEX Goal: 

Ubex is a globally decentralized marketing change, wherein agencies can market it correctly. At the same time as writer profitably tokenizes ad slots on their assets. The goal of Ubex is to create a worldwide advertising ecosystem withana excessive degree of mutualagreemente with and most performance.


Ubex Roadmap:

Ubex goal is pretty awesome and their work plans are also extraordinary.  Ubex is going forward by following their roadmap, and day by day The Ubex will reach their goal worldwide., See the picture below then you will realize how gorgeous Ubex Roadmap,


ubex roadmap

Ubex ICO Live



UBEX Crowdsale Live:

The good news is Ubex The Artificial Intelligence in advertising have an Initial coin offering and it is live now. By reading Ubex services and the aim, you already know Ubex is a very good project and it will be ruling in the advertising sector. That’s why within one day, Ubex soft cap reached! Just amazing responses are getting The Ubex team from everywhere.

If you are looking for a very good ICO Project to invest and support to a new revolutionary project then Ubex can be yo0ur first choice. Ubex has dazzling good ICO rating in every good Icorating websites. For your help to find all Ubex ratings, Vist here Ubex Rating


Details about Ubex ICO:

Ubex ICO is live


Presale/ Private Sale: Not Held

Crowdsale: Live until 13 August.

Soft cap: 4000 ETH (Reached in one day)

Hard cap:  24000 ETH ( 78% Reached)

Coin Ticker: UBX

1 UBEX token = 0.00001 ETH

Bonus System: 2% Bonus Available Right Now

Acceptance Currency: ETH, BTC, LTC

Minimum Invest: 0.01 ETH

Maximum Investment: No Limit

Know Your Customer (KYC):  yes


More information about this project and Crowdsale, Have a look at these Official links from the UBEX.

UBEX Website: https://www.ubex.com/

Whitepaper: https://www.ubex.com/wp/Ubex-Whitepaper-en.pdf?401

Bitcointalk ANN threadhttps://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3393244.new#new

Telegram Chat Group: https://t.me/UbexAI

Twitter Account: https://twitter.com/ubex_ai/


The volume of the online advertising market goes over the quantity of usual television advertising. The development of insertion digital advertising is not straight. Because advertisers work is during digital agencies, they do not get dependable data about the costs of advertising financial plan and take the risk of fraud. Ubex start entering in the software advertising market. The relation with the transition to a payment method for the action of blockchain technologies and neural networks, Ubex will increase the quantity of the software advertising market.


Do not miss this opportunity, I would suggest you grab Ubex token before it ends. Good Luck Everyone. If you want to co0ntact with Me, Then here is my bitcointalk Profile:


Bitcointalk Username: akashark

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