The Developments of Blockburn Ecosystem

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What is Blockburn?

Blockburn is a deflationary token with real-life use cases. In every transaction, 2% of tokens will be burned! Blockburn is real project with real-life adoption. Blockburn has a very limited 2 Million Supply, so, every day, supply will be decreasing because of transaction burn! Blockburn ensures a high value if its native BURN token because of its deflationary model! I already shared many informations about the Blockburn project, please read here, 

Benefits of Blockburn Project:

  •  Blockburn hadn’t any kind of token sale, they did not collect fund through the ICO, IEO, STO, rather it is a totally self-funded project! So, this project is strong and backed by the community, not need community’s fund except support.
  • Blockburn has a very active and strong community, where every member are dedicated to developing the Blockburn platform and everyone believes a bright future in the BURN platform.
  • Blockburn will have a DApp on Ethereum network, where people can earn the BURN token by reading crypto news and playing exciting games.
  • Blockburn has staking system! So, people can earn dividend and loyalty rewards by staking the BURN token on the DApp!
  • The BURN token holder has a chance to get the holder reward. Blockburn will have more competition to earn the BURN token freely.
  • With a limited supply, BURN token volatility will be less and its price will keep arising. Which are big benefits for the BURN token holder.


Exchanges for the BURN Token:

The Blackburn’s native BURN token has listed on several exchanges. Recently, BURN token got listed on Asian top crypto exchange BW.COM which is also top ten exchange according to the CMC volume!

Therefore Blockburn was listed on Mercatox, Coinlim, DDEX, MetamorphPro, Altility, Forkdelta exchanges. The team is working to get listed on more reputed exchanges!


Blockburn Partners:

Blockburn keeps developing its vision, so they are partnering with another crypto project. Recently Blockburn partnered with the FUZE coin, which is another deflationary crypto project.
Swift blockchain was another big partner of Blockburn project, where people can swap or convert their cryptocurrency easily. More partners to be announced very soon!



By seeing the developing in front of my eyes, I am very much excited to be a BURN token holder and I would suggest you, have a look at the Blockburn, You will love this project for sure. The supply is limited, it will be decreasing in every transaction, it has a strong community, the BURN got listed on the top ten exchange already. In the DApp there will have many use cases. So, by all means, Blockburn is an established and great project indeed.



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