SOAR – The World’s 1st Decentralised Super-Map Using Blockchain

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Soar Worldwide Photography Competition

SOAR Decentralised Super-Map Using Blockchain


Soar is a distributed stage for expert drone’s content. Soar announced World Photography Contest. It joins with customers with the content maker in a way of blockchain community. The competition managed by the Soar platform includes fixed images at various angles, exploitation drones, video content of different resolutions, aerial maps with a bird’s eye view, specialized content such as thermal and lidar.

The first step in this process will be the development of a specialized drone content market. That has the option to be used from any place of the world. In addition, the reliability of the drone technology can be guaranteed through intelligent contracts. It will guarantee the authenticity by means of the location, the time and the apparatus of publication.

Still, with an important expansion in the drone of the art of Drone Photography industry, inventors lack a sufficient market for monetizing their content. Soar aims to create a market where Buyers can easily locate and buy content. The Operators can upload content for sale in an open market environment.


How to participate in the competition

You have to get ready your photo to submit it for the competition. Then you follow the following steps to take part effectively in this competition.
1. Join in the Telegram Bounty Group
2. Fill up the Soar competition registration Form
3. Confirm the submission status
4. After the photograph submission, you will be selected
5. If you are, selected event organizing team will send an e-mail within 7 days.
Soar gives an absolute record of content making, support, and distribution for uploading content by using blockchain technology. The purpose Soar of using it for armed purposes as a geospatial map technology.

Soar Community Double Rewards

The first step of the Soar completion is going to be the formation of a marketplace for them as well as static pictures, aerial maps, the content of unmanned aerial vehicles, and video. Soar let the users sell content to all Soar users wherever in the world through the marketplace. Within the early days to weeks of franchising, purchasing franchise’s is usually the idea of while a safe plus profitable way of coming into the entire world of business, at very least for all those have a desire for company together with perceived what is required to achieve success.

Important of the competition

Soar Worldwide Photography Competition authority have made a voting doorway for this competition through Kryptical Telegram Bounty Group. Soar development has owed a very big award pool for this photography competition. Soar will give the winner 2,500 SKYM Tokens and a valuable DJI Drone. This competition will be available until the 30th of September 2018. It is an excellent chance for all of us to win big prize by joining in this Soar Worldwide Photography Competition. Soar is a very dependable hopeful project. It is a big chance to get SKYM Tokens, as they will have a large value in the future as the plan develops.


Review on Soar project

soar ico

Soar has many uses in the market as various communications, tourism, news mining, electricity, agriculture, entertainment, research, insurance, oil and gas, safety, and asset management. The applications of these departments include study and recognize and the assets check the construction. That requires an inventory of assets and management. It works on an estimate of risks and fraud avoidance, damages in areas prone to disasters, and claims management.

Activities of Soar Platform

  • The Soar map employs a grid constitution to show plot-mapping information to the client.
  • Soil and field analysis, thermal water and stress monitoring, and crop fumigation
  • Mapping of mining sites, exploration, and ecological monitoring, and production monitoring
  • Detection of fires or risks in the fight against fires and relief supplies during calamities
  • Capture of films, images and filming for films, documentaries, and advertisements.


Soar token
Soar employ SkyMap tokens SKYM that fulfill with ERC20 customary. It was planed on the Ethereum policy. Its main objective is to let the customer’s reward content creators and to access the Soar platform. The SKYM is not just a cryptocurrency similar to BTC but also allowing the buy on the platform. The owners of SKYM also have certain interactions with the stage.

SkyBounty Model
The SkyBounty is an indication that denotes local drone operators the rewards has an exact content demand within a part. SkyBounties prize to the operators immediately by Sky Sponsors.


SkySponsor Model
A problem faced by most blockchain-based technology is the entry wall and resistance during the inclusion procedure. This is mostly about the writing cost in blockchain and the online hosting cost files. The SkySponsor models remove the difficulty and costs of interacting with a decentralized market. Users need a predefined SKYM number to become SkySponsors. After improvement by SkySponsor, the content is published on the Soar project. Then users can make to donate free content. SkySponsors brings authority and liability to the network since each sponsor has its individual criterion to grant the content. Its character, as well as funds, depends on the content quality. It permits the users who do not contain drones to acquire concerned in the community to make income from the platform.

The market competitiveness developing, it means extra profits will wait in the future. This model also offers data hosting liability of the Sponsor. The Soar platform is currently under progress. It is now accessible as a mobile application and as a website. Soar platform allows accessing the database for videos, terrain, and images. The use of drones obeys all policy applies with respect to authority. This is the dependability of the worker because Soar is just a content market platform.

Make sure you use a fervor going into your soar ownership. Enthusiasm will improve promise. Identify that you will finally get quality service what you have put into that. Be meticulous in this platform solution and respect precisely what happen to be carrying out. You will probably want to a hard worker. It shows entirely the connection related to the hard working tendency.


SOAR Profile

A very soon SOAR Private sale will happen, This is a completely a new Idea on blockchain technology, as you read, Soar’s Aim is too big. So, here are some useful official Soar links, this can be helpful to find the project better, and you can participate in Soar private sale and ICO in near future.

SOAR Website:


Bitcointalk ANN:

Telegram Chat Group:

 Campaign Special Link:

Krypital Bounty Group:

Krypital News Channel:


You will find all information about Upcoming Soar Competition, Announcements, ICO news, Live AMA in those links. This project will bring you success and prosperity. So, I would suggest you to make an eye on Soar!


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