SmartFund- A Blockchain Investment Solution For a Better Future

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What is $martfund?

$martfund is the first decentralized smart contract investment platform where people can invest and earn profits anonymously. It is an investment platform based on Ethereum blockchain! The investment process follows the Bancor Protocol technology!

How $martfund works?

$martfund has exceptional technology. User can invest and keep staking on the website. In $martfund there has four different coins like $FD, $FD2, $F and $FR!
After buying the $F coin User can convert it to $FD or they can convert it to Ethereum directly. Or if someone wishes to stake then he has to convert $F to $FD. This is a very interesting and easy process to do. By staking the $FD token, you will be earning extra coins!

$martfund Exchange:

$martfund has its own exchange which is exchange, this exchange is based on Bancor protocol so the trade procedure is the same as Bancor exchange! where the user can buy and sell through converting! As it is Ethereum based platform so only ethereum option is available in the conversation! Right now only $F to ETH and ETH to $F trade is available, but Coinx will add more popular Ethereum tokens in near future!

If you buy the $F coin through the Coinx exchange, you will get the $FM token as a gift! This is for a very short time though!

The $martfund ecosystem:

As the $martfund platform is completely decentralized so any decentralized project can be integrated with the $martfund system. Anyone can earn the dividend by investing in DAPP projects with a clear profit model!

People are afraid to invest in a crypto project because of scams and hacks, developers are not failing to manage the startup’s funds, but in $martfund ecosystem, this platform will be helpful for everyone. You will able to see your profit growing in front of your eyes!


The Main Features of Smart fund Platform: 

The Smart Fund ecosystem has some unique model to run the platform smoothly. This project is different from other traditional blockchain investment fund.

  • Decentralized Nature: The $martfund is a fully decentralized platform so it is open for everyone. There are no regulations here. Users are able to keep staking or voting on DAPP by their own choice!
  • Clear Profit Model:  The investment and its profit everything is clear and open to all. Anyone can invest in the Smart Fund platform and they can see the outcome easily!
  • Real-Time Dividends:  The Smart fund community receives their outcome in real-time and they have full right to choose to stake or convert in Ethereum! The procedure is quick and easy and of course, it is safer than others!
  • Reasons Behind Staking Algorithm:  To get all the benefits from the Smart Fund platform, everyone needs to go through the staking system. This is to maintain the platform balanced and to keep the investor’s interest!
  • Automated System: The smart fund p[latform is fully automated. You don’t need to wait for someone’s confirmation. It depends on the Ethereum Network. The coin swap, convert the system and the exchange everything is automated even the withdraw too. This automated system would make the Smart Fund platform more interesting for investors.
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