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What is PlayGame?

PlayGame web portal proposes the game developers with a wonderful opportunity to make games for Crypto enthusiasts. Users will give tokens to play in Fun games and struggle to get extra tokens of other cryptocurrencies. PlayGame takes many rules to solve this problem of maintaining users and obtaining token and for indie game developers.

To encourage the distribution of the platform has the aim to offer various services and awards to restaurateurs. Regarding the prizes, mentioned before, a restaurateur receives PlayGame tokens for each review. You also receive a few hundred tokens as the incentive to start affiliation, to use online reservations and to accept PlayGame tokens as a means of payment.


How does FunFund System work?

FunFund Initiative this system serves to improve the cryptocurrency funds and the transparency of the gastronomic sector, eliminating any false reviews. Taking advantage of the Ethereum blockchain and cryptocurrency payments with the related hashes there will, in fact, be an irrefutable proof of the truthfulness and authenticity of the reviews, to date often falsified/bought on the classic centralized platforms.


Playgame in Blockchain Technology

Playgame presents a suitable blockchain-based policy to game developers where they can deal out as well as crowdfund their modern gaming plan effectively. The SDK will let the developers and their own token financial system publish on Playgame portal. The developers need to log in with the blockchain stage. The platform will be a real Social Network users can get tokens by adding information about the premises, or sharing a photo, a video.

Users will be able to play HTML5 games from their mobile browsers or desktop, and implant games in their own apps. Once they have attended the place they will have the opportunity to issue a certified review on the crowdfunding platform


Playgame ICO is Live: 

Playgame Presale was sold out by reaching the hard cap! And then they started the Main sale in September 2018. As playgame have strong positive words of mouth, They are gaining overwhelming responses in their Main sale! Already 89% of token sold out, only 3 days are left to end the ICO. I believe Playgame ICO will reach the hard cap before its end date!


If the tokens do not sell out what will occur?

This project will add the unsold tokens to PlayGame’s Fun fund development to remain the live developer’s financial system and game. FunFund Initiative permits fans to finance their other game. FunFund allocates the game developers to hit on the massive market of cryptocurrency owner. It should be noted that obviously, the number of tokens assigned as a prize would change according to the game performance of the value.

Moreover, the prizes will be available until the tokens destined to the Smart Contract are exhausted. The holders and those who actively support the project will also be able to access further discounts and incentives on the platform.


Finally, in addition to creating a real ecosystem of online services available both from mobile and via the web, Advisor also aims to facilitate the dissemination of cryptocurrencies in the catering world, encouraging their use as a means of payment. The main currencies are to an integrated exchange exploiting both software solutions wallet and mobile applications through its token.


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