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opp open wifi ico

Opp Open Wifif


OPP Open Wifi

OPP Open WIFI is a great innovation that involves the future token of EYE. It is a project promises to change the way the current collaborative economies. OPP Open Wifi is a society created with one goal to create a global, open and free Wi-Fi network. Furthermore, anyone who wants to make money on this can become a part of the company. It allows the growth of local businesses, unlike the traditional system that favors only large companies Around 2.5 billion smartphone users in the world 80% are active in social networks. However, many are often in a situation where Wi-Fi is not available due to non-payment of services. The community is trying to attract 25 million people to create a Host Hotspot communication.


How to become a member of the company

Opp Open Wifi ICO

It is very simple to become a Hotspot host you have to register first. Then get the mobile application or business router/request a home from the OPP OPEN WIFI official site. The studies show that more than 80% of users do not use every the traffic for which we pay. OPP Open Wifi pays every day to make this traffic available to an ordinary global network. The new project will allow users to monetize their posts on social media by supporting their favorite stores in their area. The company announced first 100,000 routers would be supplied to users full free. Now users will get 22.5% bonus by signing in to their dashboard.


You can donate any amount of data

Opp Open WIFI is beginning a mobile app to choose how much of the unused data that you can give other. The application activates the function of mobile access points on the smart device. The guest users can also access the internet. The system is also created to work with home and mutual WiFi. The method is fully secure for the host user.


How can I receive my money?


The user just has to active their hotspot for 1 hour every day to receive the money. If you share your traffic or publish your own read sponsor messages every day you will get OPP coins on your account where 1 OPP Token = $ 0.4. Every day your all OPP tokens are stored securely in your e-wallet. After completing registration, you will get an access code of the OPP toolbar. In Dashboard specify the number of traffic do you want to provide, work process, messages you would read with pleasure, a number of devices etc.  You can notice the incoming payments in your profile.

OPP Token can be used the following media

  1. Trade in Crypto markets
  2. Transfer to your bank account,
  3. Online shopping mall
  4. Send money to your OPP credit card

Open WiFi OPP main experience is to create marketing systems and technologies to provide customers. Open WiFi OPP work with much well-known company most important work over the years has been accomplished with the support of small businesses. They created a team of talented technicians and communicators who understand how to do it.



The good news is, Opp Open Wifi ICO is live now. One of the most promising ICO of 2018 it is, The most reliable ICO rating website Icobench gave 4.6 Rating to the OPP OPEN WIFI ICO! And another great news is It is going to hit soft cap very soon. So, Personally, I think Opp Open WIFI ICO will be very profitable in near future. You may think about its ICO. To know more with details and to participate in this ICO, head over here,


Official Website: https://www.oppopenwifi.com/

Whitepaper: https://www.oppopenwifi.com/oppwhite20180627.pdf?t=v6

Bitcointalk ANN thread:https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4713287

Telegram Chat Group: https://t.me/oppopenwifi

Twitter Account:https://twitter.com/OPPopenWiFi


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