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Hello Everyone,

Today I will be talking about a fastly growing Proof Of Stake token! This is not any typical crypto project, ONEX NEtwork has many differentiates and this token is based on Ethereum Classic Network! I have been sharing many important ICO news, Article, Crypto project. But I never shared an ETC Based crypto project, So, This is my first journey with an ETC based token. And, guess what, ONEX Network such a beautiful project!

What is Onex Network:

As ONEX is an ETC based token so it is ERC223 standard and this is the first Proof-of-Stake token on Ethereum Classic! If you don’t know what is Proof-of-Stake Then I would say we call it Pos and Pos has a great facility for everyone. I mean you can earn ONEX tokens only by holding and day by day your holding token will be increasing!

ONEX.NETWORK has brought by the Highlander Network’s Proof-of-Stake token, and Highlander is a famous name in the crypto industry for its Pos services!


ONEX Key Features: 

You will be glad to know the ONEX Token is being traded in the Saturn exchange! Saturn is the first exchange only for the Ethereum Classic based tokens! you can hold ONEX token in mobile application or you can use Saturn google chrome extension to store ONEX token. For mobile, you need to use only Trust wallet application! And the great feature is the ONEX calculator. ONEX Calculator is very easy to use, and by using it, you will know how much revenue you will get through Staking, Stakes time and Coinage! For your help, I am giving the link about how to use ONEX Calculator, Click Here 


ONEX Featured on Big Platforms: 

ONEX is not alone, it has good popularity. Many big platforms covered news about the ONEX Network platform as it is the first Pos token on ETC network! Right now, ONEX is featured on Saturn Black, dapp, Super dApps, Dapps Review and many more are coming gradually!


Some Key Links about ONEX NETWORK:

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