Neluns – New Generation Financial Ecosystem! ICO is Live

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Neluns - New Generation Financial Ecosystem

What is the Neluns?

Neluns is a creative economic ecosystem it unites a bank, which mechanisms with encryption currencies. Cryptocurrency exchanges with an insurance company in itself. It creates the conditions for developing the quality of the crypto-currency market and the influx of new participants and new capital. The Neluns group will make a positive environment for market enlargement of cryptocurrencies. The Neluns are classified into 3 fundamentals these are cryptocurrencies trade, insurance company, and bank.


What will be accessible to users in the Neluns ecosystem?

Neluns Features

The sale and buy of cryptocurrencies are now a few clicks left. The leadership of cryptocurrency dealings started in the exchange. Withdrawing and Depositing funds by the system are fairly a few clicks during all sides of the world. IBAN account opening an individual account and multi-currency office for the unloading of credit and debit cards Visa, and MasterCard direct shipping. The global money shift receipts storage of assets to Neluns deposit in trust. Cryptocurrency receipts from Neluns loans to fiat and cryptocurrency profit saves, throughout the loan of the property of the P2P Loan Platform. (P2P) is ensuring in every profitable transaction takes your profits throughout transactions of NLS tokens in the trade of cryptocurrencies bonus receipts. Active traders can decrease the risk levels and enlarge profits.

With the appearance of Neluns will help in:

Better interest in the cryptographic property for savings objects. The rising use of cryptocurrencies for payment resources develops the merchant’s cryptocurrency. Neluns offers to users of many conventional banking services. The aim is as an owner of financial needs by business and personal goals. IBAN’s wallet and the various -currency account compose it simpler for customers who want to deal with only a few clicks.

The Neluns ecosystem includes:

neluns services

Neluns Bank: A new generation bank that offers cryptocurrencies to all of Fiat’s main banking services.

The exchange of  Neluns: A new exchange of cryptocurrencies permits secure and fast commercial transactions for cryptocurrencies of all sizes.
Neluns insurance: Insurance allows protecting all businesses and dealings performed by users of the ecosystem.

What are NLS tokens? :  The NLS token is a safety token. The NLS token is created according to the ERC-20 standard.


Benefits of Neluns:

Benefits Of Neluns Token

The foundation of Neluns is the opportunity of exchanging cryptocurrencies of users to produce considerably. Users can discover the best solution along with a wide range of banking products. For example, the long-term shareholder can get the bonus benefits where cryptographic merchants and deposits funds can extend the ability because of the right of entry to the loan apparatus. The custody system will improve ICO’s asset in the safety stage. The effect is increasing investor’s confidence, therefore, the fund’s volume is increasing.

  • NLS token holders accept 50% revenue.
  • Bonuses and additional discounts on the platform.
  • The price of an NLS token will reach $ 1,200 in 2021 and it is Legal aspects.
  • Tokens are only out throughout the ICO
  • Expected price of NLS

The modeling of economic business processes allowed us to forecast the symbolic price of NLS in the short, medium and long-term.


Neluns Token Information: 

Nelusns Token’s symbol is NLS. NLS is a security Token and it is based on Ethereum ERC20 Blockchain! The Project has a big plan with NLS Token, They will list on Binance, Yobit, HITbtc, Huobi, Bittrex, Poloniex Exchanges and In Future more exchange will be confirmed! Neluns team is preparing everything well to make NLS Token price at 1200 USD by 2021.  Right Now, Neluns ICO is live and NLS Token is selling by 1 USD! Have a look here,

NLS Token


Neluns ICO is Live: 

Neluns ICO is Live


Neluns ICO is live and Within 2 days, ICO will end. The great news is Neluns ICO going to reach its Hardcap! In this bear situation of the crypto market, reaching a hard cap is an extraordinary incident! If you look through this article then you already know How good Project Neluns is. One Of The best ICO of 2018 it is. If you are an ICO investor, then I would suggest you research This project and after then your wish!  Here I am giving some Important Links of Neluns,

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