Migranet – A Crypto Project for the Mass Adoption!

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Migranet & Crypto Mass Adoption: 


In my previous article, I showed you how Migranet technology would work. They choose two great technology which is Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain Network! Through these two technologies, Migranet project is developing very fastly! Migranet’s business model and working plan are very much effective for the Migration sector. Migranet is here to simplify the Migration system, which is very needed in most countries! Migranet has a great work system that it can bring the crypto mass adoption into the immigration system!

Problems in Migration: 


In Immigration, most of the time people face plenty of problems everywhere. Everyone wants a better and cheap service but they got its opposite. Here I want to mention some of the major problems in the Migration sector,

  1. People go to foreign countries for seeking money, education or tour, but sometimes a client can’t get his desire country to visit, because in immigration a lot of lacking has!
  2. A lot of scammers are always there to scam people, unprofessional lawyers, suspicious people try to scam people’s money, which is a very negative side in the migration sector, people feel fear for all of this!
  3. Migrations fees are not so much, but to get a better and quick service, Migration asker needs to pay huge money to the back people. This is a major drawback in the Migration system.
  4.  The payment system is not up to date. It’s like a horrible experience for the clients. Because they ask high fees, ok, but the payment system will stuck you because the system is too slow with higher bank rates.
Migranet’s Solution:

To solve all of these issues, to make a better migration place, The Migranet project has some better plans!

  • As Migranet has artificial Intelligence technology so the procedure will be automated! And by following all of the documents, AI will choose a better country for the clients.
  • Blockchain technology is transparent, so Migranet will provide a strict solution to prevent the fraud, scammers from the Immigration. So, people’s money will be safe and secure.
  • Migranet will use the latest technology to ensure great service and Biometric technology is one of them! Through the Biometric system, Migranet will store the documents safely, the client’s identity will be secret here!
  • The Migranet’s MIG token will be used to take the Migranet’s service. So, this is a big solution in the Migration sector! People can buy MIG tokens from the exchange, they can hold or they can buy any services from the Migranet platform by the MIG tokens!
Migranet token & IEO information

Migranet had an IEO on the popular crypto exchange IDAX! Investors were very excited to buy the MIG token and it happened very quickly. Migranet raised 3.5 Million USD from the IDAX sale! Now they are going to listed there. On 26th June, MIG token will be listed on IDAX and Hotbit exchange. For your kind information, both exchanges are the Migranet project partner from the beginning! To get the MIG tokens, keep waiting to buy from these two exchanges. A big thing is coming very soon.



Migranet Website: https://migranet.io/

Bitcointalk ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5124821.0

Whitepaper: https://migranet.io/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/Migranet-Whitepaper-v.1.1.12.pdf

Pitch deck: https://migranet.io/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/MIGRANET-Pitch-Deck-2-updated.pdf

Twitter Account: https://twitter.com/migranet1

Telegram Chat Group: https://t.me//migranet


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