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What is LivenPay?

Liven is a motivation based mobile payments ecosystem and opportunity. Its principle is to build for the dining industries and lifestyle. It is a blockchain-based food financial system for daily use. The stage will perform as a mobile payments opportunity and ecosystem planned for the beverage and food industry.

LivenPay’s Facilities: 

Livenpay likes a way to bring crypto into the mass adoption! Users can determine restaurants and create mobile payments immediately through Liven while earning LVN. LVN is the sy,bol of Livenpay token! This is the platform’s efficacy token. It will be capable to solve the cryptocurrencies shortcomings such as difficulty, price instability, and difficulty in integrating it with extra economic systems. The Liven platform will mark Point of Sale addition. The LivenPay API facilitates the smooth acceptance platform by common people and builds it more available for businesses. It can bear out of thousands of commercial fiat and cryptocurrency dealings.

How the LivenPay Cryptocurrency App Works

The Liven system is build up of users, external token exchanges, merchants, charities e-commerce, and the Liven stage. The ecosystem will connect the hole between regular customer transactions and cryptocurrencies. Its reward-based token economy where users are rewarded for all the transactions they make on the network with the Liven merchants. If any user buys a food product by the Liven policy and gives the payment through Liven, a mobile application that is connected in the Liven bank accounts. The user will get a reward for the whole amount paid.


Livenpay’s Reward System: 

Livenpay app can give users rewards because of using it. The smart deal will oversee the Liven’s decentralized rewards procedure. The user has the choice to stock up in their Liven wallet, use the reward, or offer it to one of the selected assistance. In fact, the LivenPay task is to carry more users to employ the application, by which user can choose the position such as coffee shops, restaurants, bar in the cities like Melbourne and, Sydney Australia.


LivenPay Benefits:

  • Users will have right of entry to possible donors on the Liven stage. Users will get the alternative of forwarding their LVN prize openly towards the end of each transaction to a non-profit association as their preference.
  • LivenPay has a clear LVN to Fiat exchange rate. That allows users to identify the number of services and goods. That the LVN tokens can buy at several given moment. The transparent exchange rates also make sure that the LVN price does not change normally.
  • At present, buying food by the network through a devoted reward procedure and above 1000 business joined more than 400,000 consumers at the Liven platform.
  • The user can acquire the inducement or enlarge in the LV the scoreboard of a plan. Thousands of community use Liven to determine thousands of restaurants, procedure millions in immediate mobile payments and make LVN Digital Currency. Users can take pleasure in the food after selecting a location and always pay in paper or crypto through the application.

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LivenPay Clients: 

LivenPay Tokensale is Live: 

LivenPay tokensale is live right now and its reached the softcap already. LivenPay is backed by the big partners and its app is being used in several shops in Australia. That’s why LivenPay app already crossed more then 400, 000 registered users! So, there is no doubt how big this project is. That’s why I recommend you to not miss this great project. Invest now in the Livenpay ICO and get some bonus before then ends! Here are some useful Livenpay links for you,


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