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What is HydraX & Sigma?

Sigma is the future trading platform generation. Sigma balances all as it gives a multi-venue, single boundary trading stage for tokens, stocks, lots, FX and more from a particular point of entrance. One of the major exclusive features of Sigma is the capability to deal with multiple quality classes. You do not require having previous knowledge or market experience to begin studying, nor do you need to be available every day to study.

HydraX makes Next-Gen Trading Technologies

Hydra X is a FinTech company and crypto friendliest authority. The company desires to include the greatest features of both the present financial and traditional systems. Sigma presents the more efficient, more user-friendly and secure trading platform. Most of the crypto exchanges contain a problem with very hard to use border and ungainly and some are overloaded awfully with characteristics. Sigma solves these problems effectively. Sigma’s terminal makes sure that buyers are helped in diversifying risks without providing much by time and effort method. By the use of its higher data feeds and live news, feed Sigma also makes sure that customers have a border above other buyers on new platforms.


HydraX Vision

The HydraX’s plan is to create a trading venue agnostic and asset class financial marketplace. Our policy generates a faultless user skill thereby enabling an accurately integrated cross-venue and cross-asset ecosystem. The most modern stable modernization in this globe appears to be the comparatively cryptocurrency market. Its own shortcomings have played an important role in operating a wedge between it and the usual financial structure. The limitation include,

  • The Necessary of understanding the benefits offered by the cryptosphere
  • The incapability to move faultlessly funds involving these two ecosystems.
  • Require of exchange platforms where one can deal with all of the accessible digital assets or faultlessly trade for fiat.
Features of Sigma
  • Portfolio Management
  • Live News
  • Live a profession will provide you time, money and freedom.
  • Multi-currency digital exchange
  • Portfolio Management
Key Advantages for traders

  • Traders have the exclusive capability to perform on the platform all together on the platform with a limitless accounts number. It does not work hindered at several points.
  • The Sigma Program will educate you on how to operate using the Scalper Drills tool so you do not have to risk your money.
  • This platform is easy to use and attached with the friendly limitations
  • Users can contact even first time this characteristic with no complexity.
  • This also means that traders can diversify their sources of income which is not the same when trading on most crypto exchanges present at the moment.
  • It will increase your confidence and experience to go into the real market.
  • You will master in weeks the situations that would get months to occur again.
  • Sigma has a live feed quality as prior stated that builds it more attractive. This feature makes sure that the dealer can profit from strong price variation as they can sell instantly as prices of assets fall. This gives a plain economic benefit to the Sigma users.
  • With crypto assets, Users can buy valuable metals, stocks, and many other supplies directly.



The social trading feature incorporation will be a large advantage to experienced traders and newbie traders. Individuals can exchange within the ecosystem trading ideas and resources in turn to generate a mutually useful ecosystem. Sigma platform can change your life story forever. We hope with the platform you will become a professional, happy skillful trader.



HydraX Website:https://www.hydrax.io/

HydraX Sign Up Page: https://webtrader.hydrax.io/

Twitter Account: https://twitter.com/Hydrax_io

Facebook Account: https://www.facebook.com/HydraX.io/

Telegram Chat Group: https://t.me/HydraXOfficial


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