Ferrum Network – Interoperability DAG Blockchain For Financial Apps

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What is Ferrum?

Ferrum is a new revolutionary technology in the crypto market. It is using the DAG and blockchain both technology at the same time. Ferrum actually a DAG-based protocol platform for Decentralized and centralized application development where the transaction is very fast with very low fees.


The Ferrum Network Features:


  • Cross Chain Interoperability: This feature is very much unique. Because Cross-chain is a next-generation protocol and through this chain, Ferrum can be connected with every other blockchain network!
  • High-Speed Network: As the Ferrum based on DAG blockchain, so no doubt that this is a high-speed interoperability Network where fast is a common and most used word
  • Fast Transaction with Low fee:  Ferrum transactions are very much fast and the speed is like 1 Mili second. The whole protocol’s transaction will be done within a very short time and this peer to peer transactions can confirm in milliseconds for around 1 cent in-network fees!
  • Advance Financial Application:: In the Ferrum Network, User can buy, exchange and store any kind of digital asset using the advanced financial applications protocol.
  • Everything is real in Ferrum:  Ferrum is not that new project, they kept developing the platform from 2018! Within a year, Ferrum built it’s 4 products! All of the products are real and coming on the board, they have real users and also the proven business practices!


Ferrum Network Products:


Ferrum has some products and the good thing is every product are developing at the same time.  The Kudi exchange presented by the Ferrum Network is already running and it becomes one of the top crypto exchange in Africa. Kudi exchange has much uniqueness and good traffic already! After this, Ferrum has a universal crypto wallet called UniFyre where you can store your digital assets easily. After this wallet, Ferrum will have decentralized exchange DEX and a sub-zero wallet. Where Kudi exchange is already running, UniFyre is ready to release then left two products will live in 2020!


Ferrum Partners:


Ferrum network is backed by some big partners. All the partners are a famous name in the crypto space. Recently Ferrum did a partnership with the Maker DAO crypto project and BitMax crypto exchange. which is very popular in the crypto world. Here I am mentioning some good partners of Ferrum, like the hydro, FUSION, rivertz, TLG, GEMINI, VECTOR, Token Research Group, and the Ferrum team is working to bring more partner on Ferrum network.


Ferrum Network Team:


All of theses success in Ferrum network is because of its team members. From CEO to the community manager, all the team members are worked hard to build this crypto platform.
you can verify all of the team members from their LinkedIn page from thew Ferrum official website.


Ferrum Roadmap:


Ferrum Network always had a great working plan to go forward smoothly. They kept developing the ecosystem even in the bear market! From the first half of 2018 to now, the followed the roadmap and they keep working by following it. In this year, Ferrum will release the UniFyre wallet’s primary version and they will list the FRM token on some major crypto exchanges. The next year will be another big year for the Ferrum community because Ferrum DEX and the sub-zero wallets will be launched in 2020!


Ferrum Network ICO:


When most of the projects are going under the trending IEO, Ferrum network chose ICO. Because they are confident about the Ferrum project. It has everything to bring investors, and the team is not asking huge fund like greedy projects. The FERRUM ICO hardcap is 1.12 Million USD only which is very reasonable. If you are an investor then Ferrum is a big opportunity for you, here are some information about the Ferrum ICO,

Token price: 0.016 USD
Token symbol: FRM
Platform: Ethereum/Binance Chain
Restricted country: USA

Ferrum has everything to be one of the top crypto projects. Their technology, products, working plan everything up to the mark. They will be developing the platform continuously. To me, it is a recommend project to support.


Ferrum Network Website: http://ferrum.network/
Whitepaper: http://whitepaper.ferrum.network/
Onepager: https://bit.ly/2YFs1zm
Bitcointalk ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5134952
Telegram Chat Group: http://t.me/ferrum_network
Twitter account: https://twitter.com/FerrumNetwork
Medium Blog: https://medium.com/ferrumnetwork

Bitcointalk Username: Akashark

Profile Link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1305518

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