CyberMiles – The Public Blockchain For E – Commerce! Celebrating 5Miles Data Migration

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What is Cybermiles?

Cybermiles is an innovative cryptocurrency generation and it is a decentralized e-commerce stage. It is a market in which people can deal frankly without the obstruction of third parties. It came to quote in very low values with a minimum of approximately 0.09 dollars token. This cryptocurrency managed to increase an approximate amount of 30 million dollars in an ICO, distributing around 420 million CMT. It is forecast that it will launch accepting CMT as payment soon.

The Overview of CyberMiles

CyberMiles have designed with the blockchain protocol, which is one of the latest ideas. It has planned to modify the present market game and the platforms, which work in that area. CyberMiles aims to decentralize e-commerce markets and platforms. We will describe to get a vision of CyberMiles and notice what you are doing to perform your solution. The CyberMiles blockchain technology has developed by CyberMiles Foundation. A laboratory devoted to the investigation and blockchain growth.


What is the goal of Cybermiles?

The goal of Cybermiles is to make a decentralized network in which each user can have their own space to trade. The blockchain verified the Transactions through intelligent contracts. This stage will give an ecosystem where developers can make products related to trade. They can control and develop decentralized commerce applications without restrictions. The planners will utilize the CMT tokens to subject ICOs of their exacting applications.

As a currency, it will utilize the CMT token to finance different services and projects. CyberMiles will activate in existing trade on a larger scale. CyberMiles may turn out to be bigger and more dominant than Ethereum’s smart contracts. CyberMiles look for new currencies with the structure growth. The CMT holders will have the chance to succeed in innovative currencies, which is very significant for the DPoS agreement method. Its intention is for competing with the large multinationals complex area.

CyberMiles cryptocurrency features

  • Among its main features, it is a virtual currency, based on a new blockchain generation for smart contracts.
  • It stands out as a crypto active designed for e-commerce applications. It keeps smart contracts in a kind of library.
  • It is possible that other companies to launch their ICO in this cryptocurrency and get payments in CMT.
  • It allows processing 10,000 transactions per second, that makes it quite fast compared to other currencies.
  • Finally, this cryptocurrency has a blockchain to permit storing the identity.
CyberMiles wallets

CMT is a token friendly with ERC-20. CyberMiles serves as a blockchain payment process and allows operations, such as performing a smart contract or paying for apps. It supports tokens based on Ethereum so you can save it in any wallet. These wallets are such as Ledger Wallet, Myetherwallet, Trezor and Mist. In the Ethereum blockchain Users can stock up all ERC-20 tokens. It is friendly with other purses such as Mist, Trezor, and Ledger. This coin was a project of the company to become one of the market leaders in the United States and it created this application to make e-commerce easier.


Benefits of CyberMiles


  1. The advantages are many such as comfort, the possibility of a return in case of not being satisfied, speed, and security.
  2. The Smart contracts present users independence, permit decentralization and decrease costs that third parties would get as commissions.
  3. The continuous improvements in the platforms have allowed that even those that in their moment was more reluctant, now they are habitual consumers.
  4. It is easy to make decentralized applications.
  5. The CMT token will make easy payments that will resolve transactions between peer-to-peer and e-commerce institutions.
  6. It will help XRP or it is ideal to resolve payments between large banks.
  7. It is better than the Ethereum smart contract.


CyberMiles price & listed Exchange

CyberMiles (CMT) is trading at a price of $ 0.0391 with a market capitalization of $ 31.30M. The CMT coin is already listed on major crypto exchanges like the Binance, Bithumb, oKex, Lbank and so on! CyberMiles is the latest blockchain procedure being improved for the sole principle of revolutionizing how business and marketplaces work. At present around 692,460,729 CMT circulate and the total of these is 1,000,000,000 CMT, with an approximate price of $ 0.14 for CyberMiles. That has been increasing increasingly since its start.


5Miles Data Migration onto CyberMiles: 

CyberMiles have been a part of the 5Miles from the beginning! 5Miles is an e-commerce platform which is very popular in the USA! Last year CyberMiles swapped their platform from the Ethereum to the CyberMiles own blockchain. That was a great milestone for the CyberMiles community! And now the 5Miles has migrated their data onto CyberMiles native blockchain! This is extraordinary news for the crypto community. CyberMiles and 5Miles have brought mass adoption into the crypto industry, which is very needed!


Creation of smart contracts

CyberMiles gives a correct solution to the distrust problem between the parties. It is a program helps create simple signing and execution of a digital contract without the need for third parties. These contracts are recorded in a public exacting network to all the peers. There is a connection between two or additional parties that implements by a cryptographic code. It has some restrictions on conditions of cost and speed cost. The network permits the use of these contracts.



With all the hype that CyberMiles is receiving and the possibility of having a 5-mile lead. This seems to be a promising system. It is the largest C2C platform that supports e-commerce and market applications. With an existing customer base of more than 10 million users, this looks like a productive enterprise. This cryptocurrency was created was to decentralize the electronic market, trying to keep away from big power monopolies such as Amazon and eBay. These currencies are able to guarantee the balance, security, and truthfulness of the account statements of those who have invested in them, using protection algorithms.


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