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cryptassist ico is live

What is Cryptassist:

Cryptassist is not just an environment for buying and selling cryptocurrencies. It is the ecosystem will allow you, in a real way to integrate the use of your funds in Cryptos through multiple applications. Cryptassist vision comes precisely from the problems of the cryosphere. That has become increasingly difficult to understand, not only for beginners but also for the experts in this area. It has made the diffusion and massive use of cryptocurrencies in daily life difficult until now. So they have created a brilliant idea which will solve for everyone the use of cryptocurrencies in daily life.


CTA: the currency that sustains the Cryptassist Universe:

CTA is the ICO of Cryptassist A revolutionary tool within its platform. There are currently very few days left for the launch to finish. In this wonderful offer, you will have the Opportunity to win a Tesla Electric Vehicle of the Last Generation. For every $ 250 invested in your CTA equivalents, you will have a free ticket for a chance to win an all-electric vehicle, with amazing acceleration, reach and performance.
CTA works with a fast DAG algorithm under an excellent deflationary model. That will digitally burn the CTAs used in service payments and alerts, resulting in fewer CTAs, therefore, greater potential value to the currency.


Technical details of the CTA:

  • Maximum supply of 88 million coins
  • The maximum limit is reached
  • CTA reserved for the rewards program


Main features of the Cryptassist platform:
Cryptassist is not only a complex and complete environment but also is in continuous development. The following is just a sketch of the infinity of things offered by the Cryptassist Platform.

Solve the problems of Scalability:

The platform has a great capacity of transactions per minute, doubling even the current global capacity of the Visa system. This will make its use a fast, reliable and pleasant experience.

Easy disposal of your resources in Crypts Anywhere:

Cryptassist has powerful tools such as their Visa or MasterCard Prepaid Debit Card. In which they can upload funds with their CTA currency or any of the 50 main cryptocurrencies. That will be accepted for online or offline purchases like any card of usual debit anywhere in the world. This will allow the common citizen to access the cryptosphere in a practical way and finally to make a massive use of them.


Cryptassist Exchange:

Cryptassit Exchnage
A mobile and web application designed precisely by Traders, which makes it a powerful reliable tool capable of performing large calculations and presenting data in a concise and organized manner. Cryptassist Exchange integrates solutions desired by many professional Traders. At the same time, present an intuitive environment for new users who venture into this area.


Multi-currency Block Explorer
The Cryptassist Platform solves the problem of the user who should normally use multiple blockchain scanners to check the histories of the incoming and outgoing transactions of their different Wallets.


Exchange house:


The Cryptassist platform will have an Exchange house with Full License. It is for not only the purchase/sale of CTA but of all cryptocurrencies like any other exchange. Its design will allow it to stand out as one of the fastest, easiest and most intuitive to use. It is allowing not only experienced traders, but also new users for easily exchange their crypts and Fiat money. You cancel your CTA fees you will enjoy a 50% discount on the amount to be paid.


Cryptassist ICO Details:

No, I am want to share with you the great news, Cryptassis ICO is live and it is going to end very soon. Because almost 83% Tokens are sold out. Cryptassist reached more than 37 Million USD Already, Soft Cap reached many days ago.


Cryptassist - Knowledge is power

So, I would suggest by referring to everything above, that it is a very good and ambitious project so far. In this bad situation of the crypto market, cryptassist ICO is doing extraordinary well. So, you may invest today, before late. Anytime can end the Tokensale. Here some important link for the Cryptassist ICO, this might help you.


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