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What is Coincasso?


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CoinCasso is a modern self-ruled solution for members. The group of people will have an important impact on project development. About all token will be capable to be added on this platform. It offers the capability to trade FIAT that is not obtainable on many main exchanges. CoinCasso trade is a multi layer development.

Its core features will be an ATMs network. The Exchange CCX Token holders will contain the maximum impact on the opening of the latest innovations and currencies. CCX tokens contain an extra value for the users and it works similarly like as other exchanges. The tokens Owners have the facility to contribute to the company to decrease the business deal fees and the right to get a profit amount from the company.


About CoinCasso

The European Union has approved CoinCasso completely for the mission to modify the world. This development is a democratic and holistic solution formed for the people. The view is fully different since we want the group of people to be capable to make a decision and control the improvement of our exchange and the whole industry. Therefore, this platform offers the opportunity for users to become co-owners of CoinCasso development.


CoinCasso Mission

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By providing modern blockchain base solutions it desires to generate great crypto-society over the world. They are promised in building a great future in money exchange and transfer services. We can assure you about the huge benefits of cryptocurrencies and the the proper application of blockchain technology near future. This exchange provides by establishing worldwide solutions and creating the crypto network friendly for all.

Our target is to make an exchange that does not make mistakes like other exchanges. It will perform based on the group of people requirement. We desire to present the more apparent product in the blockchain business. We prize CoinCasso users for the contribution in order to build up our mission. We also desire to expand the market holistically.

Special advantages and features of having the ССХ-power token:
  • Users can contribute to voting for the exchange of structural modification.
  • A great deal of CCX-power for holders it is achievable to include a token to the exchange with a vote.
  • The drop in expenses for transactions that depending on the CCX amount
  • CCX-power owners get 80% of the exchange profits.
  • CCX Token allows the user to achieve company share profit and memberships and services.
  • It offers a great deal of CCX-power special invitations for holders to material and events rewards.
  • Users have the right to take part in an election with the purpose of adding tokens
  • All members can get a chance to contribute to other CoinCasso developments.
  • CCX Tokens are available immediately and
    The user can withdraw immediately to your selected address using the ImToken or META MASK application.
Coincasso Features
  1. Coincasso deals many transactions in every second with the increasing possibility of this amount.
  2. High safety stage.
  3. Trusted STO and ICO supplier
  4. 9 kinds of order in a trading
  5. 24/7 Users Support
  6. Currency Corporate, FIAT, and individual tokens supported.
  7. Easy Deal border
  8. Optimized UI/UX
  9. Bonuses and Profits available for all CCX holders


Coincasso ICO is Live: 

Coincasso Tokensale is live and it’s price is increasing everyday. One CCX token is worth 3.28 USD today and tomorrow it will be 3.30 USD and everyday price will be increasing! So, this is the right time to buy CCX token before the price increase. Here is some official links of Coincasso ICO project,




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