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What is Chimpion? 


Chimpion published through the benefits of the use of the digital platform as it is cataloged as an easy, fast and safe payment system. The citizen who enjoys this benefit can buy the products made by small producers and artisans of the country. It facilitates the payment of fixed, mobile and Internet telephony offered by new services. Let’s look particularly at these areas of the platform.

The Facility of Chimpion:

Chimpion is a virtual container where you can receive cryptocurrency payments your payment tools and perform transactions on the move. You can access a range of services that can be activated just by the ERC20 Token in hand with username and password. There are many services that can be accessed through a digital wallet, from paying bills to phone recharge but also paying parking, car tax, shipped by Amazon etc.


Cryptocurrency in Real Life: 

Chimpion is working hard to make a revolution in the crypto market. They are working to bring e-commerce platform accepts cryptocurrency as a payment, as Chimpion itself a digital wallet which can be used in the e-commerce websites! People have the opportunity to buy goods, motor parts, jewelry and gadget by using bitcoin, Bitcoin Diamond and other popular currencies.

Chimpion Digital Wallet

Chimpion is beginning an e-commerce platform to permit merchants for cryptocurrency payments, allowing the merchant to resolve their crypto into fiat throughout a secure coin. Chimpion Digital Wallet is the Co-developed among the developers of PaytoMat, Moon Catcher, Chimpion and Bitcoin Diamond. This will be declared of Chimpion’s roadmap division. Users can select their preferred altcoin as the currency quantity foundation and pay in buying products!


Chimpion’s Partners: 

Chimpion have already partnered with some big e-commerce companies and also with Bitcoin Diamond, Shopping Cart Elite, Paytomat. Therefore, Chimpion is providing e-commerce services through its Merchant stores! BCD bazar, Newparts, Mark Jewelers, Mahones Wallpaper Shop are the merchant stores of Chimpion. People can buy listed products from those sites by using crypto payment.


BCD Pay Wallet

Bitcoin Diamond which symbol is BCD! BCD Pay wallet is a Chimpion networks element for the more payment instruments collection. BCD Pay wallet method enables trade to allow cryptocurrency in element and online stores and mortar businesses. Anybody can utilize it easy to send and receive digital crypto payments since enables is a digital cryptocurrency wallet. It is supportive to know how this Pay online system or in-store for food, gas, products, taxi rentals, tickets everywhere in the world.

The payment can be done by specific cryptocurrency, also allows the purchase by mail order and payment of local services.


Chimpion & BCD Pay Wallet:

Using BCD Pay wallet, you will have the chance to get all Chmpion services at the same time! BCD Pay allows many cryptocurrencies such as Litecoin, Bitcoin Diamond, Ethereum, Bitcoin Core, Waves, Bitcore, ZCoin , NEM, Dash Horizen, and EOS. Chimpion also allows every EOS Tokens and Ethereum ERC20 Tokens. This wallet has the most modern built-in security features. It does not retain any personal keys of our users.

Chimpion wallet and payment

The digital wallet provides a security code for the encoding of code for payment. It is very useful for little merchants because this digital wallet is not expensive. The costs are poorer than another traditional wallet. The purchase by mail is done by encoding the payment codes on billboards, web pages, paper flyers. Tickets for museums and events are incorporated in the payment of local services, also for public parking lots.

The payment by ERC20 Token contains have more features and functions. It ranges from the purchase of goods and services remotely. That takes advantage of text messages, web and calls with the voice guide to the mobile immediacy payment. It also takes proximity transactions where the phone emulates the payment by card. Then there is the mobile money transfer that contains the services to permit the money passage between sender and receiver.


To know more about the Chimpion Platform I would suggest you visit their official website and read and research about them. Chimpion admin and team members are always active to answer your concern. Follow these links to get updated about Chimpion.

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