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What is ASOBIMO?

At present, ASOBIMO is the initial game corporation contains an ICO project Asobi coin. This firm is scheduling to execute the practice of Asobi coin in business at this game-dealing platform. Today’s current project will help to defend rights holders and find the correct one in seconds and at an affordable price. Therefore, to attract other users, ASOBIMO offers many interesting innovations. It is worth noting that such a company in the market for the creation of online games. The project already promises to be serious and rather attractive.


Asobi coin

The goal of the Asobi coin project is the completion and progress of the Distributed Secondary Content Platform. The platform is known as Asobi market, which utilizes blocking technology to present a safe content distribution system. They also assure us the DSS system will help the secure exchange of cryptocurrency and secondary content during the purchases from Asobi market. The ASOBI COIN token will become the payment way of this platform.


About Asobi market

ASOBI marketplace is a spread Secondary Content policy that reorganized by ASOBIMO Inc. There are different types of content will be obtainable in this platform such as music, game software, e-tickets, e-books, video etc. The blockchain will supply certain evidence of rights with decentralized Security System in Asobi marketplace. To buy credits in ASOBIMO games you can utilize Asobi coin where Asobi coin is equal to twice of the rate in USD.


Protected Content Platform

To start with, this project Internet piracy is simply prosperous. Anyone can easily enter and download the necessary files and everything is free. None because digital content has little costs, a media file or any other causes much complexity. It offers to download easily any movie, recording with music or comics can be from the Internet and shared. One way to solve the problem is to make a platform with safe digital content. A decentralized security system can resolve if there is a right of these files.

After the detail that you would not be able, then there is a chance to get free of it by reselling the use of another person.


Asobi Coin Feature: 

It is a selling platform due to the circulation of cryptocurrencies by Asobi coin. Especially it is interesting this platform can seem to the players. If it happened that if you play an online game you lose yourself or miss your vision, you have the chance to make it on the same platform and turn it into a cryptocurrency.


Make Profits From ASOBI:

There are many multimedia files and different contents on the secondary market. However, the publisher approximately never profits from it automatically to profit from secondary sales. It will be completed at the cost of smart contracts based on the blockchain. 50% of the deal will receive the seller of the goods the publisher will receive 35% and the author about 15%. All the information on this will be listed in the blockchain. With the estimating, the accurate cost of the supported digital material the price will be small and will not bring much profit. The owners generally paid this money earlier.

In principle, ASOBIMO is a unique platform with a second digital content market. Nothing like it exists now. In addition, the company presents an interesting and useful function to sell game items. The development is very ambitious and global, also conducted under the support of such a big and self-confident company.


Asobi Coin ICO is Live:

After all of these important pieces of information about Asobi coin, I want to share the great news, The Asobi Coin ICO is live. They are live in some big ICO management team like Latoken and Liquid! More than 10 Million USD collected from the crowdsale. If you are looking for a good ICO Project to invest or If you want to support ASOBI COIN platform then you may invest in Asobi Coin ICO. Here are some important details for you,


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