ARROUND – Decentralized Advertising Solution in Augmented Reality! ICO is Live

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Arround ICO is Live


What is Arround

One of the most advertising network and advance communication platform is ARROUND. Analyzing it, reading their whitepaper and looking around the network for the advertisers to make sales channel evaluations it has obtained hardware and software. ARROUND is a decentralized augmented reality digital platform that provides a unique meeting point between Advertisers and customers’ brands and their products. Simplifying to the maximum, the former has the opportunity to make an ecosystem. It is a group of Blockchain Community had a different objective to make a social platform, advertising network, and an augmented reality marketplace.

Users get quality advertising campaigns, finely targeted and adhering to their requirements on the channel with the highest impact at the time. All this is stimulated by an engaging ecosystem system, which also in response to one of the various questions at the end of the event significantly, increases the level of user engagement. Everyone satisfied with the economic aspect of the reward for a quality creative work.

ARROUND Project Define


We can define ARROUND as a virtual bank, which aims to be able to combine a mobile app with Augmented Reality solutions for companies to an Open platform for developers with the aim of obtaining a greater ability to receive procurement of products. ICO will launch the particular ARROUND application soon. The blockchain project proposes a completely innovative solution for the entire financial sector.


The ARROUND Project

Arround Platform

There are three beneficiaries of the ARROUND project:

  1. Users can work together with the blockchain-based platform to get extra information on products before buy, services, and purchase goods. They also can analyze advertising proposal enriched by sensory opinion.
  2. Companies and Advertisers can own the trademarks to use the application as a channel to sponsor the purchase of products.
  3. AR application developers find ARROUND the place to develop their applications and capture business chance in the trade.



Here we have presented the ARROUND roadmap.

  • The steps of 2018 are the release of the alpha version, Mobile application Progress for Android and iOS launch of promotional operation by shopping centers.
  • The steps of 2019 open of advertising operations with big chains of European pharmacies and the achievement in the AR glasses of the ODG of ARROUND.
  • Get the attention of advertising agencies to this platform to progress of the self-service AR component to make company own AR contents separately.
  • For stages of 2020 initial public sale of advertising platform accumulation of the SDK to get a third-party developers extension into new markets, the launch of the pilot development in the USA.



arround tokensale details

One of the most promising ICO is live now. September 15, Arround launched their Initial Coin Offering aka ICO! This was the most awaiting ICO, after launching the Arround ICO, it already raised more than 5 Million USD, and the softcap is reached! Many big companies are investing in this ICO, such a big partnership they have. Have a look into their partner,

Arround ICO Partners


Tips to purchase the ICO ARROUND token

As Arround ICO will hit the hardcap before the deadline, because It makes a big hype to investors, and if All of partners invest in Arround ICO, then ICO will be ending shortly. So, I think you may participate in the Arround Tokensale. Here some tips for you,

  • The sale of the ARR token is accessible on the ARROUND website.
  • First, write on Buy Token or Buy Now to begin the registration procedure.
  • Turn on your email address and access the held in the reserve area.
  • Click on Get payment address from the dashboard to make the Ethereum address to send ETHs.

The AR market is at the opening, from the recent years. In spite of the exertion to give investors with legal certification to describe the status of the ARR token, the physical location of the establishment should not misjudge. ARROUND is the project proposes a completely innovative solution for the advertising network.


Important Links Of ARROUND:

To participate in the Arround ICO, you need some important links to go through the rules. Follow these links and invest now in Arround.

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