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ApolloX Protocol

What is ApolloX?

The ApolloX protocol is the usual platform to support a new generation of globally decentralized e-commerce. ApolloX will use transference and tokenization to restore the current rental company with a new model of full purchase protection, data security, and minimum fees. ApolloX has raised more than $ 2 million dollars from the industry’s main risk capitals. The founding team of ApolloX is from the best companies and universities such as Stanford, Tsinghua, including MIT, and Google.


Mission and Vision of the ApolloX community


ApolloX Protocol Mission

ApolloX is a blockchain service for decentralized e-commerce apps and service with trust between buyers and sellers and transparency. Register now and find out more about our project and upcoming events Community Sales Campaign, Rewards and Airdrop. It has become part of a large community and together we will create the right e-commerce market for everyone. ApolloX is working to derail the current industry of the e-commerce market. They present all the profit from trading by a market like Amazon. That comes from monopolistic intermediaries without the extra costs. The details of the rewards campaign are provided below.


ApolloX Data Control Solution

ApolloX Data Control System

Natural in blockchain technology is the capability to include responsive information and record it on an absolute ledger. ApolloX allows only buyers to entrance their purchasing and browsing activity. Users just need to access to this important information then they can share their data freely with service suppliers on the network to get service.


Qualified Activity

Apollox Protocol activity

ApolloX offers an influential cause for people to contribute to the ApolloX token creation event. They offer a positive contrast with other events of token generation’s reward of ApolloX, business model, team members, etc. Update all the official publications/pages of ApolloX and update at least one personal publication link to reddit every week.  Any attempt to spam or simply put “Good Project” will result in negative feedback and elimination of the reward. It is not allowed to join with several accounts. Users who are using multiple accounts an internal review and suspended will be sent to him.


Payment Protocol

ApolloX payment Protocol

ApolloX payment protocol manages the back-to-back payment escrow process among sellers and buyers. It as an electronic commerce platform that is transforming to Blockchain technology one of the effects of that transformation is a stronger incursion into the world of cryptocurrencies. The company seeks to unite the consumer’s purchasing power, the transformation between fiat currencies and generate additional benefits. ApolloX Payment Protocol can stop the bulk of online shopping frauds with the help of smart contracts and distributed ledger. Consumers are receiving significant monthly benefits, for the usual purchases generated. The decentralized community shows the step and tells the company what to do. Its parent company sees it as a hub in the region to develop the model for the entire continent.


ApolloX Token sale

ApolloX Protocol ICO

The Apollox Protocol Presale is Live Now! More than 2 Million USD raised from some big investors. Within 4 days, Apollox Presale Period Will End! I think you will be very much encouraged to participate in ApolloX Token Sale! Because This Project has some big work plan, and Big Investors and Media covering this project. For your help, I would try to mention all the official Links from the Apollox!

ApolloX Websitehttps://apollox.network/

Bitcointalk ANN Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4650252

Telegram Discussion Group: https://t.me/apolloxgroup

Twitter Account: https://twitter.com/apolloX_network

ApolloX Medium Blog: https://medium.com/@apolloxnetwork


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